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Winter Skin Care Tips

  1. Drink More Water. Sounds obvious, but a reminder is always good. Keep a large bottle that is easy to sip on and cart from room to room or from home to office. Switch it up by adding fresh citrus fruit, mint, or nutritional grade essential oils to your water. Need oils? swing by Merle Norman Mooresville. Our favorites are Tangerine, Citrus Fresh and Peppermint.
  2. Use a gentler cleanser and toner during Winter months. This may mean trading that foaming cleanser for a lotion cleanser, one that doesn’t foam, a few nights a week or putting the foaming cleanser away all together until Spring. Merle Norman has a few non-foaming cleansers to choose from. Come in and let us help you find the best for your skin.
  3. Run a humidifier on your bedside table at night. Adding moisture to the air aids in your hair, skin, nail and even sinus health. You can also use your oil diffuser as a very light humidifier if your in a pinch.
  4. Turn down the hot water. Yes, I know, it feels sooo good, but it strips your skin of natural oils. If you must, be sure to moisturize your skin with a rich oil or cream or a mix of both on slightly damp skin immediately. Let it absorb before dressing.
  5. Moisturize twice a day with a quality cream for your skin type.  We can help you there too!
  6. Enjoy a facial! Why not? Your skin and stress level will improve after a relaxing, skin improving facial. Check out our menu to see what we offer. Express Facials

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