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Neck Lift Collagen Treatment

Neck Lift Collagen Treatment

Is your neck aging you?  Then our Neck Lift Collagen Treatment is just what you need.  This advanced treatment fights sagging, smoothes away fine lines and softens wrinkles of the neck for instant results! A Customer favorite.  Be sure to add this anti-aging neck treatment to your next spa facial service.

More info:  This gel like mask is applied while a mask is on the face.  This Neck Lift Collagen treatment mask is left on 15-20 minutes while you receive a relaxing hand and arm massage with a luxurious body serum to feed and nourish your skin.  Our clients who try this add-on anti-aging neck treatment add it to their facials time and time again, saying they notice quite an improvement!


What else can you do to improve your skin other than this Neck Lift Collagen Mask?

Use Merle Norman’s Ultimate Firming Neck Cream. Keep your chin up with this technologically advanced cream. The ultra rich and luxurious formula immediately cradles the neck and chest, providing an immediate tensor-like effect that lasts for hours with a new 3D Express Lifting ingredient Instensyl®. With continued use, Juvinity™ and a special cocktail of 15 age-defying extracts and peptides, work together to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking firmer, tighter and younger. Fragrance-free. Oil-free.

Why does the neck give away our age?

by Melanie Haiken for

“Dermatologists cite numerous reasons the neck is so vulnerable. First off, the neck gets almost as much sun exposure as the face, yet most of us fail to extend the same daily UV regimen to our necks that we so carefully apply to our faces. The skin on your neck is also thinner than facial skin (thus losing resiliency faster) while the muscles are weaker, leading to double the sag. And  your neck is in constant motion both during waking hours and while you sleep. In fact, depending on your favored sleep position (and how much your neck is stretched by your pillow preference), you could be aging your neck even as you sleep, while your facial skin gets rejuvenating rest.”



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